August 31, 2009: Game #3 and Castle Crashers!
Sorry I've been away - You can find me much more frequently on the The Behemoth Development Blog, where I have been focusing all of my efforts for the past 7 years! We're a handful of people just trying to break free from having to work on someone else's ideas and work on our own ideas. It has been really gratifying and I am very happy!

I've been very busy working on our current game, which is codenamed "Game #3" right now. It is such a blast to play right now! I'm so proud of our team and I can't wait to show everyone. We posted some videos from G4TV HERE if you want to get a taste of where it's at!

A year ago, we released Castle Crashers, and just last week we released the Necromantic pack that contains a couple new characters and stuff! The new 360 dashboard allows people to rate games and we were delighted to see that Castle Crashers is the #1 rated XBLA game on the Xbox 360!!! Wow, thanks guys! For anyone who's got a PS3 out there, we're currently porting Castle Crashers to your system.

I closed my store, sorry to say. It wasn't able to pay for itself nowadays. I am considering putting some of my shirts up on the Behemoth store later. Only the best ones will prevail!
August 23rd, 2008: the game is OUT.. almost!
Castle Crashers is done and shall be out this week on Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade on Wednesday at midnight!!! On the devblog you can read along with anything we share and there are making-of and gameplay videos under the Media section.

It's really wild that we're done and it hasn't really hit me full force yet. A lot of people seem to say we took very long, but in reality, we took the average amount of time any team takes on a game. I guess the difference was that we just told people about it earlier!

I'm sorry I haven't had more recent updates. The majority of my time has been drawing for new prototypes for games and a trillion little marketting images.

Thanks to everyone who has gotten my CD, your support is awesome. I plan to have a new CD after I learn a little more about music and chords. I exhausted a lot of my chord structure stuff on the first CD and I need to take a few lessons or something before I can finish the album 'Pear'!.

The Behemoth has a new forum up at so please feel free to sign up and say hi. I will be trying to visit the forums every once in a while - it'll be a lot quicker than the updates on my site here!
April 3rd, 2008: development blog!
Hi guys! We've put up a new development blog for castle crashers. In it, you can see new characters and weapons, or you can watch videos of me drawing things for castle crashers. Just changed that link the other day so you can see more videos easier. Right now it's a little barren because it just launched, but we will be posting a couple things a week for you to check out. That way you can kind of come along with us to the final days of the game! We're getting close!!
January 28th, 2008: hi!!!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! WOOO!!!! here we are, almost a month into 2008! i hope everything is awesome for everyone. it is VERY busy here at the behemoth. we are really crunching hard to get you every last bit of castle crasher goodness we can muster with our tiny team. everyone putting lots of love into it! thanks for all the support on the store and on xbox 360 live arcade, guys!

we have lots of cool stuff planned this year. We are planning on attending Wonder-con, Comic-con, GDC, PAX, Tokyo Gameshow, and maybe nordic game? We love to hear everyone's feedback on how we are doing. We've got more figurines from CHINA coming in soon - and CHINA RULES!!! They are looking great. I will tell you more about the new figurine stuff as soon as i can. Also, a little later in this year, we will have another big announcement!! I can't wait to unveil it, but i think we have to wait a few more months. I think everyone will be pleased! I apologize for not having a lot to tell you guys :(

We have new screenshots coming up in the new edition of OXM, so keep your eyes peeled for new castle crasher environments and enemies!
December 13th, 2007: the STORE!
Some of the stuff I have been working on lately has been new gear for the behemoth store! there are awesome new figurines for sale (the poseable castle crashers) which were sculpted by Clint Burgin who has done all our other sculptures, and a whole new line of shirts! we have these non-descript drawings where you get to choose what exactly is in the picture on your shirt, and ship the shirt with a marker so you can even check it off! hence, you are choosing your own adventure! whoa!

also, hats, and stuff like that. many things. castle crashers is coming along well, thankfully.

i like to climb rocks a lot now. it is absolutely awesome. it is like a phenomenon with me, i get in touch with my inner caveman and get in shape while doing it, and it relieves all possible stress. very highly recommended! check out a rock gym near you, and try bouldering as well as vertical climbing. they are both very different from eachother, i prefer bouldering all over the place and figuring out new routes. it's like a physical and a mental puzzle!!!!!!!!!!! i have other surprises down the road, but i think the surprises might be unveiled at some trade shows coming up. i wish i could spoil the surprise just like the old days, but alas, i cannot! :(

i want to say thanks to everyone who comes by and extra special thanks to those who show your support. it's very nice of you all to help me make a living drawing, this is my dream come true!!!!!!! i wish all of you a very wonderful holiday season and i really do mean that even though it sounds like a cheesy hallmark card or something.
August 8th, 2007: lots of stuff
Okay, so lots has been going on. Let's see here.. I moved to san diego, so that is new. I will be attending PAX (penny arcade expo) as well as speaking on a panel there. It is on Sunday at 1:30pm in theatre A. I'll be flying out tomorrow morning.

Came across a totally awesome CASTLE CRASHER COSTUME that someone decided to make for themself. It looks totally incredible, no??? More pictures HERE.

Comic-con went great, everyone was very nice to us. We have pictures on the behemoth site (link below). This year was definitely more packed than last year. It was shoulder to shoulder the whole time. Whew!!

For other news on stuff, please visit the behemoth.
July 2nd, 2007: conventions n forza
San Diego Comic-Con is this month, and this time the behemoth will be having an even bigger booth! We will be showing Castle Crashers as well as Alien Hominid, and we will have EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRTS which are really, really cool. I need them. Shortly after, will be attending PAX in Seattle with a booth as well.

There's been a lot of Forza paintjobs out there lately, and it was nice to come across some Alien Hominid paintjobs made by others. These paintjobs are very difficult to do, as they require you to lay down individual shapes with your controller and painstakingly scale and move them around (good work, guys!!):
another image
yet another image
yet another image
yet another image
yet another image
yet another image
yet another image
yet another image
you can see more cars at
May 7th, 2007: sweden
I will be speaking May 15th at this year's Nordic Game in Malmo, Sweden. press release here. C'mon by if you are in the area!

Also, working on a new web-game on the weekends! I'll spill the beans later.
March 12th, 2007: san francisco
HOORAY for castle crashers!! It has recently been awarded for visual arts & audience award at the IGF. It was such an honor to be recognized from the audience as well as our peers. SUCH an honor. Thanks to all who voted, it means very much to me. I was not expecting anything, so forgive my impromptu acceptance. I forgot to thank XBLA guys for being SO friendly and helpful, as well as making XBLA a great place for independent developers. I really wish I would have thanked them. Darnit.

Also, I learned a LOT on that 5 day trip to san francisco. I made a lot of new friends, learned more about the gaming press, learned more about myself, and more. Was quite interesting. I have been craving adventure more and more often lately. I will be visiting Finland, Tokyo, San Diego and Philly this year. Flying is not my thing but we can't let that kind of thing stop us, can we?
February 28th, 2007: AH HD
Alien Hominid HD has come out for the XBOX 360's LIVE ARCADE! Check it out :D

You can also see an interview with me about that 'n castle crashers HERE. sweet.
February 17th, 2007: IGF nomination
hope everybody's new year is treating them well. i have had some cool stuff happen lately - castle crashers, the game i have been working on with the behemoth guys for quite some time, has been nominated for excellence in visual arts! Also, we are up for the audience award - where YOU make the votes and decide! you can vote for us here if you see fit! :)

I am working on a new CD. this time i want to see if i can get a zillion tracks on it so i don't have to worry about making another. also trying to try slightly different directions with the songs than in watermelon. From choirs to electric guitars, it's all in there so far!
January 17th: more CD news
the trip to philly was GREAT. lots of cool stuff in castlecrashers got made, and i wish i could tell you all what it was that was created but i cannot :(

the good news is there are 40-some orders of the watermelon CD that i came back to after these 2 weeks. I really have to thank everyone for the support!! That is awesome. Hope you guys dig all the tracks. however, the bad news is that i don't have enough copies to ship. i have about 22.. the rest will be getting made and sent here. REALLY sorry about that guys but i am on it!!!
January 2nd: why hello
WHY HELLO there, friends! Happy new year to everyone. I will be going to philly this morning for 2 weeks to make a big push on castle crashers for XBLA, and then i return to cleveland. here's to hoping we get so much steam it will even be DONE! wow that'd be great. i feel so refreshed when a new year begins. i made sure i got a black and gold suit to match my newly refreshed feeling. i suggest everyone finds a black suit with a good color to match them and also gets shades to top it all off. but it works best if the shades are plastic and cheap. okay guys, be back later!
December 12th, 2006: castle crashers + IGF!
I have to say I am totally honored here - castle crashers has been announced a FINALIST in the 2007 independent games festival for visual art!!! Some great artists to compete with - make sure you check out some of the stuff on that site - some of the games have free demos!!

BTW, for anyone who missed the bulletin, you can now buy the watermelon music CD tracks individually or together at Itunes.

added new stuff to the store. check out the button on the left there to see what's up!! Fot those wondering about the FATCAMP logo on the shirts/mugs etc., there's a story behind that. My friends and I go outside with as many sports oriented things as you can think of (tennis rackets, footballs, bounceyballs, badminton birdies) and do just about everything you can do with them combined. We call it fatcamp. I decided we need a logo, so i crunched the NFL and NBA logos together since it is in the spirit of it all. I thought it was a good enough logo that other people can enjoy it too. Go nuts! Make a fatcamp of your own! I think I might start a fatcamp site with player cards and stats just like the pros.

I am a jacksonville fan. THEY BEAT THE COLTS 44 TO 17. yeahhhhhhhh that's right and i called it in advance. The underdog has struck! You'll be seeing maurice jones-drew and my man david garrard at the SUPERBOWL BABY. THE SUPERBOWL. at least if they get the patriots this sunday. I'll give manning his props though for that lazer-rocket arm he speaks of, except this game none of his buddies could catch it. Poor dude. But this weekend was a crazy ride for football.. almost everyone got shut out by someone else. The saints won 42 to 17, only a two point difference from the jacksonville game. OH, AND GO SAN DIEGO CHARGERS. MR. RIVERS SEEMS LIKE HE KNOWS WHAT TO DO!
November 9th, 2006: games games games
Thanks to having the flu I was able to enjoy some games this week. Gears of War for the 360 is fun. That's all there is to it. Sure, I have my gripes. I don't think it's a 10 out of 10, but I think it's fun. Also, Tony Hawk project 8 is very good quality. I enjoy that game a lot - haven't touched the tony hawk series since the 2nd one. Good stuff. The 360 is getting some nice titles lately.

That space channel 5 post got some attention from some of you and I want to thank you guys for your footwork. Unfortunately between all of us we never really located a physical copy of the soundtrack, but we found the MP3s. I guess I'll just have to hope that one day someone with the soundtrack wants to sell it to me. Thanks again guys, much appreciated!!
November 4th, 2006 : I can't find it :(
I love space channel 5. Especially the special edition! (for PS2, check it out if you haven't!!). Great rhythm game. Anyway, I really would like to find the soundtrack for it - not the original game soundtrack - the part 2 soundtrack. There are volumes "chu!" and "hey!!" but I can find neither one. I absolutely need those!! Looks like this!!! Someone email me at DANP AT SYNJ.NET if you find it please!! I'll try to figure out some kind of way to repay you!
October 20th, 2006 : New stuff in the store!
I've got a few new t-shirts for both men & women in the ONLINE STORE! There's a red rabbit, we-run-minus-one, and uhh i can't remember if there's anything else. Why don't you go look and find out? :)
October 13th, 2006 : Racism, CD's, and more!
The music CD was out of stock. It is now back in stock! It is now Itunes as well.

This woman thinks my artwork is racist.

Snowboarding season is starting! I am so COOL. ...GET IT? SNOW?!! COOL?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA
September 9th, 2006 : The 360!
I got an Xbox 360, (which alien hominid and castlecrashers will be coming out for by the way!) and it is sweet. I really do enjoy the setup microsoft has done with live arcade and the achievement points. Dead Rising is sweet, and call of duty 2 has some great atmosphere. And of course there is JOUST too so you might have to require that. Not much else to report other than the fact that castlecrashers is coming along so freaking awesome. I'm hoping for real early 2007 release!

Oh yeah, my birthday is coming up on the 14th! I am going to be a whopping 27 years old, but amazingly enough people think I'm still 17. Shave off that decade, baby. Shave off that decade.
August 15th, 2006 : CD baby
my music CD is now available through CD baby and will be switching over to that for distribution as well as eventual DIGITAL sales. so you can pay for a single song, or get a few, or the whole album! It'll be ready for direct iTunes as well! cool.
August 8th, 2006 : more shipments
shipped another shipment of the CD out today.

I never gave a proper link to the comic-con stuff. First thing there in the news! Speaking of conventions, we will be at PAX (penny arcade expo) in washington next month showing a newer version of our castle crashers demo! yeahhhhhhhh
July 25th, 2006 : castle crashers
WOO! comic-con 2006 is over with and we got to show our (the behemoth's) latest game: CASTLE CRASHERS. you can see the LATEST TRAILER right here!!

My music CD is going to start shipping tomorrow and the next day! A fan at comic-con that heard it came back the next day with watermelons for me because he liked it so much! Thanks Matthew!

For those of you who ordered, I will be shipping the first batch out tomorrow!
June 26, 2006 : even MORE CD news
I have finished my music CD!! Now the discs and jewelcases are on their way to a very helpful friend's house where he will utilize his CD duplicator to burn & print them. I am setting up a paypal account that I will be taking orders on right now! wooooo
June 25, 2006 : more CD news
I've got two full songs you can preview online at my music myspace for my CD entitled 'watermelon'. One of them is not available in the little lump of preview songs. That one's called the curve so be sure to give it a listen!
June 08, 2006 : Guestbook by request
GUESTBOOK added today. Feel free to speak your mind!
June 05, 2006 : CD creation
I'm printing out some tests on some CD's that will be ready soon. One of them is for my music CD, and the other is for a faster PC version of Dad 'n Me (that is the only difference from the web one. just faster.).... which we were going to hand out at comic-con, or so i thought. might not be happening anymore.

also, check out SUPER SOVIET MISSILE MASTAR's website!
May 24, 2006 : A music CD! (and john is nuts)
In the off-time of working on the videogame and children's book I have decided to wear myself out even more by making an audio CD! You can listen to some samples here: WATERMELON CD SAMPLES.

Also, is John from the behemoth not totally crazy? He BUILT a vacuform machine in the office for our figurines. Check this crap out!
May 08, 2006 : Children's book!
I have finished a Children's book that can be anywhere from 18 to 20 pages long. I am looking for a publisher that will put it on the shelves and split profits with me while letting me retain the rights to my character designs. Please contact me if you can help! I am VERY serious about this!
April 2nd, 2006 : Dad 'n Me WINS!
Dad 'n Me has made it to be a winner in the IGF for Best Web Game!! Sorry to anyone I missed while I was there.. I think I caught food poisoning and couldn't make it more than 1 day to the convention :( Blargh! For anyone wondering, the Behemoth's next game is kicking butt. We'll be unveiling the new title at comic-con this year! (but you thought we did last year? That old thing? Nope!!!!)
February 27th, 2006 : Dad 'n Me award
Dad 'n Me has made it to be a finalist in the IGF (independent games festival)! There are 2 possible awards it can win. One is the best downloadable game, and the other is the Audience Award. You can help it become a winner since you are the reason the Audience Award exists! If you want to support Dad 'n Me, you can do so by clicking here!. Registration is required, but is quick. Thanks in advance to those who help support that little purple guy. If you want to come see Tom Fulp or I at the GDC/IGF, it will be in san jose next month! If you are not familiar with Dad'n'Me you can play it on the menu on the left!
Januray 25th, 2006 : Next Game!
okay so as many of you may know, the behemoth is totally kicking butt on the next game. we just had a meeting in philly to bang out some key points. if you want to follow our developer diary, you can find it on I tell you, this game is going to be so amazing!! I cannot wait to show off what we have. I am assuming the first peek anyone will get of this is at this year's comic-con where you will be able to play the game and meet most of the team! hope to see you there, get tickets early!!
December 24th, 2005 : Buddy!!
In a miscommunication with my parents I thought my dog, Buddy, had passed away right before I saw him on Christmas! :( However - In a wonderful turn of events Buddy greeted me as I came through the door. I can't begin to tell you how many lessons Buddy has to teach the world and I. Here's to you, Buddy!!

December 18th, 2005 : SUPERSOLDIER
Finished a little game called SuperSoldier. Small tweaks may be coming, but that's the meat and potatoes right there!

Programming by Glaiel!

Seasons Greetings!!!!! Hope everyone has a good holiday this year :D
November 28th, 2005 : Thanks Joystiq!
Oh man, it's so exciting to be shown in an article amongst such great titles! Thank you, Joystiq!

By the way.. I think the behemoth is going to start talking soon about the new title AND I also think it will be very interesting/surprising what we have to say!! Keep your eyes peeled!
October 9th, 2005 : Train Robber!
The Train Robber game is HERE! Make sure you go to tool/options/and clear your temporary files so you don't get an old banner up top. (edit) You know, I'm such a dumbdumb sometimes. I forgot to mention that Jen is the person who helped conclude the final and most important element of the entire mini-game. Thanks Jen! (/edit)

Programming by Gel! Who rules! Art & Animation by dan paladin! Also, thank you MONKOKIO for the very special highscore board assistance and walkthrough!

I understand there are some scoring issues, thanks for the emails! I'll notify the guys. FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE OF THE GAME, CLICK HERE
October 4th, 2005 : Soviet
Well I finally broke down after 6 years. It's about time this site finally paid for itself. However, I'd say these ads are pretty non-intrusive and they try to blend in with the same kind of content.

SUPER SOVIET MISSILE MASTAR's website has launched. From there you can play the Alien Hominid mini-game that all the rooskies are talking about! I love that song. Boop buh buh boopboop boop buh BUH

I've also been busy in other corners of the world. I started a MySpace thing. Not sure why, but networking is always a good idea for an artist, no matter what.